Manual Movement Rail System

Hose Trolley Type ATS 2000

    • With galvanized steel frame, with 8 ball-beared nylon wheels, cast aluminium nozzle with stainless steel sliding plates.
    • without shut-off damper
    • Hose connection Ø 125mm
    • Hose connection Ø 150mm
    • with shut-off damper
    • Hose connection Ø 125mm
    • Hose connection Ø 150mm
    • Spring Balancer Type ATS 2000
    • with conical drum,
    • with ratchet and stopper

Rail System for Exhaust Extraction System

    • 1.Disconnecting Actuator
    • 2.Slotted Suction Channel
    • 3.Motorized Hose Lift
    • 4.Lifting Cord
    • 5.Hose Suspension Sleeve
    • 6.Exhaust Hose
    • 7.Nozzle w. E-Magnet
    • 8.Electrical Cable
    • 9.Motorized Drive Unit
    • 10.Bus Bar

Slotted Suction Channel

    • Slotted Suction Channelmade of extruded Aluminiumwith neoprene sealing lips.
    • Any length available.
    • Rated temperature up to 150°C
    • Weight: ~13kg/m
    • Slotted Suction Channel - Bend
    • Any Radius from 4,5m upwards available.

Full Automatic Exhaust System - "Loop Shape”

    • 1.Calling a Hose Trolley
    • 2.Return Rail Bend
    • 3.Hose Trolley in Starting Position
    • 4.Clamping Exhaust Nozzle to Exhaust Pipe
    • 5.Aluminium Slotted Suction Channel
    • 6.Suction Fan and Spiral Duct
    • 7.Automatic Release of the Exhaust Nozzle
    • 8.Hose Trolley Returns
    • 9.Return Rail
    • 10.Shifter for Maintenance
    • 11.Maintenance Rail
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